Dak Ramsey : 18 Filme

Name: Dak Ramsey
Geburtstag: 1978
Beruf: Porn Star
Land: California, USA
Volkszugehörigkeit: Caucasian - American
Augen: Brown
Haar: Brown
Körpergröße: 173
Körpergewicht: 75
Penis: 19 cm Unbeschnitten
Körperbehaarung: Hairy
Tattoos: ed Sex Machine Fuck And Get Fucked In These Free Porn Videos!" />
Piercing:: No
Körperbau: Muscular
Sexuelle Rolle: Vielseitig
Extra: Dak Ramsey was born in 1978 in California, USA. He has golden brown eyes and brown hair. He is an amateur gay pornographic actor. He plays football, is a body-builder, and is turned on immensely by body-to-body contact. Dak Ramsey started his acting career in 2006. He lost his Virginity at the age 16. His orientation is bisexual and his favourite position is doggy.
angezeigt 1–18von 18 Filme
angezeigt 1–18von 18 Filme

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